B) Custom Order Nail Decal - ADDITIONAL SHEETS

Custom Nail Decal - Made to order - ADDITIONAL SHEETS

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This is in addition to your Custom order of 3 sheets for $15.00

This item cannot be ordered without the original order of $15.00 

Buy 3 get 1 free deal does not apply to custom decals.

Custom images may be emailed to naildots@gmail.com after making payment for custom orders

$15.00 minimum order, includes 3 sheets of 40 decals

Prices listed below are for one image only

Additional images require $15.00 processing fee (first row, first item)

All sheets of decals include our logo on the sheet (see example image), if you want this removed, please let us know.

Instruction sheets are provided with all orders, you may select one per decal sheet or only one instruction sheet per order at time of checkout

Instruction sheets contain our logo, you may request plain instruction sheets, please let us know.

For custom orders of less than 40 per sheet, (ie 10 decals per sheet), please contact us for pricing

We appreciate your business, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

NailDots Nail Decals are waterslide images which are easy to apply to your own nails, acrylic nails, or gel nails using just a bit of water and a quality top coat. Full instructions included. Our Nail Decals are known to last for 10 days or more! We have many nail decals available that are not listed here, and we take Custom Nail Decal orders too! All Nail Decal sheets contain 30 or more nail decals. All Nail Wrap sheets contain 18 nail wraps.

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