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       NailDots Nail Decals
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Cute, Colorful and Fun to use
Nail Decals by NailDots

NailDots Nail Decals are waterslide images which are easy to apply to your own nails, acrylic nails, or gel nails using just a bit of water and a quality top coat.

Our Nail Decals are known to last for 10 days or more!

We have many nail decals available that are not listed here, and we ake Custom Nail Decal orders too!

All Nail Decal sheets contain 30 or more nail decals.

NailDots are waterslide nail decals which are applied direct to your natural nail, your painted nail, your french manicure, or your gel or acrylic nails. They are printed onto clear paper and have NO WHITE printed on them. Any White you see in our graphics will appear clear on your nails. The color you see will absorb any color underneath, so these decals look BEST over white nail polish. They are repositionable until coated with clear polish and have no adhesive backing. They require triming and are not die cut. These are NOT stickers.