How to use

What you need: Scissors, Instruction Sheet, Decal sheet, a small container of lukewarm/warm water, towel for blotting, clean painted nails.

Step 1: Cut decals as close to design as possible. Cutting all at once prevents messing up your nails while cutting the others. Do NOT soak all at the same time

Step 2: Place one decal in the water and allow to soak for 45-60 seconds, you may find you can adjust this time shorter.

Step 3: Pull decal from the water. Tweezers are useful at this stage, but not required. Have the decal facing your finger of the opposite hand you plan to place the decal on. Place the pad of your other finger on top of the paper and slide apart. This will leave the decal on the first finger, ready to place on the opposite hand.

This is how it will appear after you slide the backing off.

Step 4: Position the decal on your nail. You may find it helpful to wet your nail first to allow you to slide it around. The decal may be removed as many times as necessary to obtain proper positioning. Rewetting is OK too. Blot dry and apply a little pressure to extract all the water from under the decal.

Step 5: Decal will 'stick' but not adhere permanently. Coating with clear polish is necessary at this time. You may finish all decals before coating with 2 coats of a quality clear polish, or do one hand at a time, allowing to dry thoroughly.

Step 6: ENJOY!!! Recoating with clear after a few days will extend the life of your polish AND your decal. This is likely unnecessary if using gel or shellac.

NOTE: Nail wraps are applied in basically the same manner. Before soaking, cut out wrap, size to nail with backing on, trim them to the width needed for your nail. Once you have soaked and removed the backing, place the wrap on your nail to the back of your nail bed. Apply pressure with towel to extract water. Gently use a file on the tip in a downward motion to trim the tip of the decal. Coat with clear covering the tip and edges well.

My own nails, wraps put on at a campground. :)