Who I am

Hi!  I'm Laura, owner, designer, processor, advertiser, media contact, shipper, and mom.   Myself, along with whoever is within arms reach, make up NailDots.  By that I mean, I will employ my family as well to help package and ship your nail decal orders.  We sit around the dining room table and with a clean workspace, we package your orders for shipment, all while shooting the breeze and enjoying our time together laughing and telling stories.  Whether its a friend, my husband, my mother or mother in law, or my kids, many many people have helped me through the years.  My favorite assistant was my grandmother before she passed away.  I'd gather all your orders, and drive to her house with my supplies and together we would place them all in their individual nail decal sleeves.  She loved this time.  She'd laugh about the crazy things people would order, she'd put them in the sleeves the wrong way, she'd knock them all on the floor and I'd have to recreate them when I got home.... it didn't matter though, the time was well spent and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

We are located in Flint, Michigan and all decals are created in our basement workshop.  Your orders are created on-demand as quickly as we can manage.

How Naildots.com came to be

I began NailDots.com in June of 2013 after many years of teaching myself website and graphic design. The experience was greatly fulfilling. I had developed a near full-time business of creating, managing, and hosting several websites for clients who began as strangers and turned into friends but time constraints left me unable to service their needs as I had before I became a mom to 3 amazing boys.  

Why I do this

As I said previously, I am a graphic and web designer.  The process of making a website to sell on was easy for me, and creating the graphics was as well.  The biggest push for me to do this, I'm a girl and I LOVE PRETTY NAILS....  it was a no brainer from there.

What you need to know

I am a mom, I am an entrepreneur, I am busy.  I work hard each day to create a balanced life for me and my family.  I believe hard work is as important as downtime.  I try to teach my kids that getting the job done, done right, and done on time is of the utmost importance.  I also have very little time left with them before they are grown.  I work a full-time job and create nail decals as a side hobby business.  Your orders are important to me, I am in full appreciation to you for considering my product worth your hard-earned money.  I will have your order out to you in a reasonable amount of time, or I will refund your money if I can not fulfill it.  We hope this never happens, and it hasn't yet.  Our customers are wonderful and understanding.  A bit of communication goes a long way.  If you have any issues with our service or product, please contact us prior to leaving a bad review, we are happy to help, most issues can be solved quickly and simply.

Thank you for taking the time to read our about us page.  We hope to soon consider you part of the NailDots.com family as well!